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Don't miss the holiday atmosphere of Crikvenica – Vinodol Riviera

Advent on Crikvenica - Vinodol Riviera

Crikvenica will once again wear its most beautiful Christmas attire this year. The warmth of Christmas will be woven into unique decorations and Christmas lights. A good mood will elicit the most beautiful musical sounds. It will pamper you with a variety of the finest Christmas drinks and desserts. It will offer you a rich program for all ages and give you the opportunity to give yourself the most beautiful Christmas mood for these holidays. Holding the hands of your loved ones, take a walk through Advent in Crikvenica and let the spirit of Christmas joy, good mood and new hope overwhelm you.

Little by little, on December 3rd comes Advent in Novi Vinodolski, and the city is eagerly preparing its Advent attire to evoke a special atmosphere for visitors for the first time. The city center will shine with decorations, Santa's House, colorful Christmas train and many photogenic corners will create a unique backdrop. The new Advent brings a diverse program, including Advent at ''Mažuranić's'', ''A Toast to Nova'', gastronomic delicacies and children's, entertainment and cultural events. This magic will last until the end of December, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Advent in Vinodol is a combination of traditional folk customs and new events that enrich the holiday season. There are various events on offer, including the Advent Fair in Bribir, the Advent Park in Tribalj, and the opportunity to dance under the Drivenik Christmas Tree called ''maj'' or relax with mulled wine in Grižane. Every place in Vinodol comes to life with the arrival of the traditional symbol of ''maj'' – a tall evergreen tree, which is carefully decorated from Christmas Eve until the Feast of the Three Kings, bringing a special holiday atmosphere.

Advent - Crikvenica - Program (02.12. - 31.12.2023)

Saturday, December 2 

10:00 Workshop on making advent wreath* – Zvonko Cara's studio (registration until November 21st at the address: 

17:00 OPENING OF THE ICE RINK "ICE SEA FAIRY TALE" – Stjepan Radić Square 



Sunday, December 3 

10:00-12:00 FOREST STORY – outdoor workshop for children, Advent Park (free) 

11:00 CHILDREN'S ADVENT MARATHON – Stjepan Radić Square 



Monday, December 4 

18:00 GLINAONICA – Advent workshop for adults Part 1 (Selce) – Crikvenica City Library – Selce branch (registration at the address or tel. 765-172, free)  

18:00 SUSHI workshop* – Zvonko Cara Studio (registration until November 27th at: 

19:00 ADVENT WINE SCHOOL** (wines of neighbouring countries) – Hotel Esplanade (registration until 24.11. to the address: 


Tuesday, December 5 

18:00 GIN workshop*– Zvonko Cara Studio (registration until November 28th at: 

19:00 Performance LOVE LETTERS – Zora Hall (tickets can be purchased at the Crikvenica City Gallery) 


Wednesday, December 6 

17:00 PUPPET THEATRE RIJEKA performance for children "My friend Mraz" – Hall Zora (free) 

18:30 PUPPET THEATRE RIJEKA performance for children "My friend Mraz" – Hall Zora (free) 


 Thursday, December 7 

17:00 WINTER STORY With... – Advent children's story with writer Sanja Pilić, author of picture books Maša and Božić – Crikvenica City Library 

17:00 (PIT)URAT &GUŠTAT* ART WORKSHOP with Mirna Sišul – Zvonko Cara Atelier (registration until November 30th to the address: 

18:00 Christmas event of the Izvor Centre – Hall Zora 


Friday, December 8 

18:00 ADVENT IN THE GALLERY – opening of the group exhibition (authors from the Crikvenica-Vinodol area), Crikvenica City Gallery 

18:00 Advent in Selce 


Saturday, December 9 


(applications by December 4 at : 

10:00 – 18:00 Majorette Christmas Star – City Sports Hall 

16:30 – 18:00 Christmas story of Kindergarten Radost, Preradovićeva 

20:00 SAŠA LOZAR – Preradovićeva 


Sunday, December 10 

10:00-12:00 FOREST STORY – outdoor workshop for children, Advent Park (free) 


11:00 – 14:00 SANTA TRAIN (free ride) – departure in front of the Advent Park 



Monday, December 11 

18:00 GLASS MAGIC – Advent creative workshop with Svjetlana Šalić for adults Crikvenica City Library (registration at or tel. 243-238, free) 

19:00 ADVENT WINE SCHOOL** (wines of neighbouring countries) – Hotel Esplanade 


Tuesday, December 12 

18:00 Creative workshop "MAKE YOUR PETIT HAIRPIN"* – Zvonko Cara Studio (applications until December 5th at: 


Wednesday, December 13 – Saint Lucia  

10:00 CREATIVE WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN – Crikvenica City Museum (free) 

17:30 CHRISTMAS CONCERT OF MUSIC SCHOOL – Elementary School Vladimir Nazor 

18:00 GLINAONICA – Advent workshop for adults part 2 – Crikvenica City Library, Selce branch 

19:00 ADVENT WINE SCHOOL** (wines of neighbouring countries) – Hotel Esplanade 



Thursday, December 14 

17:00 "PORTRAIT OF THE SOUL" by MIRA GAVRAN – presentation of a new book – Crikvenica City Library 

18:00 Workshop RETROREZ – BabaMara &Baca (linocut + fabric print + retro cocktails) – Zvonko Cara's studio (applications until December 7th at the address: 


Friday, December 15 

15:30 CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS FAIR – Zvonko Cara Elementary School 

18:00 Book and WINE workshop with Alis Marić (Read a book) and Ines Matić Matešković* – Zvonko Cara's studio (registration until December 8th at the address: 

19:00 BLACK PAELLA &ROCK ́N ́ROLL – show, Preradovićeva 


Saturday, December 16 

10:00 CHEERFUL CONES – Workshop of the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre for children with parents – Zvonko Cara Studio (registration until December 12th at the address: , free) 

20:00 VIGOR – City Sports Hall (pre-sale tickets at 

20:00 Group POINT, Preradovićeva 


Sunday, December 17 

10:00-12:00 FOREST STORY – outdoor workshop for children, Advent Park (free) 


11:00 – 17:00 SANTA TRAIN (free ride) – departure in front of advent park 


17:00 MAGIC LEON – Amazing Magic Show – Zora Hall (free) 


Monday, December 18 


18:00 ROBERT LONČARIĆ: Geographer on the mountain – experiences from the Croatian Hiking Ring Road – Crikvenica City Library, Selce branch 

19:00 ADVENT WINE SCHOOL** (wines of neighbouring countries) – Hotel Esplanade 

Tuesday, December 19 

18:00 15 YEARS OF STREET LAMPS – anniversary of the first Croatian magazine on homelessness and humanitarian action Let's give a hand...– Crikvenica City Library 


Wednesday, December 20 

17:00 TANJA'S MAGIC BALLS – Advent creative workshop for adults – Crikvenica City Library, Book Station Dramalj, registration at the address or tel. 243-238, free) 

18:00 CHRISTMAS CONCERT – City Choir Singing Nightingales – Zora Hall 


Thursday, December 21 

17:00 "CHRISTMAS DREAM" CHRISTMAS EVENT – Vladimir Nazor Elementary School 


Friday, December 22 

18: CHRISTMAS CONCERT – Croatian National Hall in Dramalj 


20:00 Venus Group, Preradovićeva 


Saturday, December 23 

10:00 CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN, Society Our Children of the City of Crikvenica – Crikvenica City Gallery (registration until December 20th at the address:, free) 

20:00 NENO BELAN – Preradovićeva 


Sunday, 24 December – Christmas Eve 

10:00 FISH FOR SEH (traditional distribution of fish in Jadranovo, Dramalj, Crikvenica and Selce) 

12:00 Band ALLEGRO – Preradovićeva 


Wednesday, 27.12. 

17:00 OUR SMALL LIBRARY, Advent chat room and creative workshop for children up to 8 years of age – Crikvenica City Library, Selce Branch, (applications to the address or tel. 765-172, free ) 

19:00 – CHRISTMAS CONCERT "JOSO AND FRIENDS" – Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Crikvenica  


Saturday, December 30 – WELCOMING THE OLD – Preradovićeva 





Sunday, December 31 

14:00 "OLD SUMMER ON MULINA 2023" – afternoon new summer welcome in Jadranovo, Mulina 



The rink is open 02. 12. 2023. – 7. 1. 2024. 

Working hours of the rink: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun 10:00 – 20:00, Fri and Sat 10:00 – 22:00 

Use of the rink (45 min) 3,00 euros. Skates are included in the price. 



  1. 12. 2023. – 7. 1. 2024.

Want to learn to skate or hone your skating skills? Skating school on crikvenica's Ice Sea Fairy Tale is the right place for this. 

Sign up for an e-mail or phone number 051/455-404 by November 30 and become a participant of this year's Skating School. 

The price of skating school is 30.00 euros. 

Organizers: City of Crikvenica, Crikvenica Tourist Board 

Co-organizers: Centar Izvor Selce, Cultural Center Dr. Ivan Kostrenčić, Kindergarten Radost, Društvo Naša djeca Grada Crikvenice, Eko Murvica d.o.o., Felix – craft for transport and trade, Crikvenica City Library, City Choir Singing Nightingales, Majorettes of the City of Crikvenica, MO Dramalj, Mo Jadranovo, Museum of the City of Crikvenica, Elementary School Vladimir Nazor, Elementary School Zvonko Cara, PŠRD Arbun, High School Dr. Antun Barc, ŠRD Lovrata, ŠRD Tunera, ŠRK Oslić, Association Uspjeh, VIO Žrnovnica Crikvenica Vinodol d.o.o. 

Advent - Municipality of Vinodol - Program (01.12. - 29.12.2023)


Friday, 1.12. 17:00, Bribir  

KINDERGARTEN: Treasure Hunt (game)
IN THE CENTER OF BRIBIR ADVENT COTTAGE: socializing with "jilo and pilo", frites and donuts for children 


Tuesday, 5.12. 17:00  

Welcoming St. Nikola in Bribir (House of Culture) 


Wednesday, 6.12. 17:00 

Welcoming St. Nicholas in Tribalj (House of Culture) 


Thursday, 7.12. 10:00 am  


Friday, 8.12. 10:00 am  


Friday, 8.12., 17:00, Bribir  

ADVENT HOUSE IN THE CENTER OF BRIBIR – socializing with "jilo and pilo" with a musical atmosphere – performance: Neven Barac, vocal group kud Bribir, vocal group kud-a dr. Antun Barac Grižane, Klapa Tić
– organized Treasure Hunt for adults 


Friday, 15.12., 19.00, Cultural Center Bribir 

EVENT – cultural and artistic program – Primary School Dr. Josip Pančić Bribir and Kindergarten Cvrčak and Mrav 


Saturday, 16.12., 10:00 am, Bribir 

ADVENT FAIR – hunting goulash, wheel around May, train ride around Bribir, socializing with "jilo and pilo" with the music band Bribirski tamburitza players 


Saturday, 16.12., in the evening 

Welcome to May in the center of Tribalj 


Friday, 22.12., 17:00  

ADVENT HOUSE IN THE CENTER OF BRIBIR – socializing with "jilo and pilo"
– fun for children with "inflatable" in the House of Culture 


Saturday, 23.12., 16:00, center of Tribalj  

NIGHT INTERPRETIVE WALK IN TRIBLJE – interpretation guide: Roberta Bengez (a walk along lanterns from the center of Tribalj across Tribalj Lake with an end at the Advent gathering by the lake) 

Saturday, 23.12., 17:00-21:00 

fisherman's house on Tribalj Lake: ADVENT EVENING BY THE LAKE – socializing with mulled wine, frites and sausages, fun with Bribir tamburitza players 


Sunday, 24.12. after midnight mass  

socializing and singing with mulled wine under "Maj Tree" – Tribalj 

Friday, 29.12., 19:00 

Cultural Center Grižane – Christmas – New Year's concert of KUD Dr. Antun Barac and guests  



Advent - Novi Vinodolski - Program (03.12. - 31.12.2023)


The Christmas fairy tale will begin in Novi Vinodolski on December 3rd with the lighting of Christmas lights with a children's and music program and the opening of santa's house. Throughout December, numerous storytelling and performances for children will be held in the House of Santa Claus, as well as on Ivan Mažuranić Square, while adults will be delighted by creative pottery workshops, crystal resins and Wine and paint workshops.

A special part of the program, Advent at Mažuranić's, will begin on December 14th. Numerous musicians will turn Advent at Mažuranić's into a true symphony of Christmas notes and cheerful melodies. Through three Advent weekends, starting with Thursday, numerous musicians will take care of the holiday spirit, some of them are Klapa Kampanel, Bosutski bećari, groups Face and Mirakul, Groovers and Techno Vikings and numerous DJs. Their music will encourage dance and joy, creating a euphoric atmosphere, while Damir Kedžo will add a special glow and warm atmosphere of Advent to his Christmas songs.

Part of Advent near Mažuranić will be lovely wooden houses from which will spread scents of gastronomic delicacies inspired by the history of Novi Vinodolski. Smail-aga, Vitorog, sausage Hello Vinodol... are just some of the dishes that will be available at the houses, while on December 16th there will be a special gastronomic show of our famous chef Damir Tomljanovic where caterers will prepare cod under the watchful eye of our famous chef, and on visitors will be the best – to taste fish delicacies that adorn every table on Christmas Eve.

As the last days of the old year slowly come to an end, Novi Vinodolski is preparing for a unique New Year's Eve. Traditionally, the New Year is celebrated at noon with a Toast to New Year. The scents of hunting goulash and homemade sausages, boiled white and red wine, special catering offer at advent houses, accompanied by cheerful music on two stages and a children's entertainment program, will occupy the entire city, and the promotional prices of New Year's packages are a kind of gift to many visitors. 








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