The island of Krk

Taste top local wines combined with the local flavors of the island of Krk

Krk Bridge connects the island with the mainland, ships and ferries connect ports and ports with the sea, and planes will take you to Rijeka Airport in Omišalj. Its proximity and accessibility, beautiful historical stories and interesting past make Krk a beautiful, mysterious, ecological and gladly visited island. Dubbed the golden island of Insula Aurea in antiquity, it is one of the most visited islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Nature, sunsets, sandy beaches, olive oil, wine and honey are golden here. Good and hardworking hosts will be happy to tell interesting stories about local customs, rich tradition and culture. It will proudly highlight the unique flavors of the island, among which are žlahtina, unique undersea sparkling wine Valomet, regional dried prosciutto, traditional pasta of šurlica, olive oil or the famous dessert of sheep cheese ''presnac''.

Lovers of good food and wine will be delighted by the tastes of the widely known island cuisine: Krk prosciutto (traditional prosciutto), šurlice with Kvarner shrimp or goulash, grilled octopus, roast stuffed with asparagus or Krk lamb (so-called under the ''peka''), and ice cream from žlahtina for dessert, although these are just some of the luxury offers on the island of Krk.

Through seven destinations on the island of Krk we take you on a culinary journey where everyone can choose a dish according to their taste and preferences. Take advantage of countless opportunities to treat yourself to island cuisine every day, arranging delicious flavors with a wide range of opportunities for active recreation and beautiful views.

Opatija Riviera

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Rijeka and surroundings

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