Opatija Riviera

The gastronomic experience of the Opatija Riviera, a true pearl of the Adriatic, will take your breath away

Restaurants on the Opatija Riviera – Enjoy the richness of Kvarner flavors
The Opatija Riviera is a paradise for every gourmet! A chocolate and coffee festival, a gourmet story and top restaurants await you to share their love of food with you!

The Opatija Riviera is the culinary pearl of the region. Many restaurants offer interesting recipes with fresh ingredients, and there are numerous festivals dedicated to selected specialties and quality food. Opatija has some of the best Croatian restaurants. Top restaurants and traditional taverns, which always offer fresh local ingredients and rich wine lists, complete the experience of this beautiful city for all visitors.

Walking along the Lungomare promenade and the charming streets of Opatija, you will find top restaurants with a rich offer of fresh seafood, interesting Mediterranean dishes and a variety of meat dishes.

On the Opatija Riviera they know how to enjoy food well, so various events dedicated to selected ingredients are regularly held. Every year there is an unavoidable event ''Gourmet Story'' in which numerous restaurants, taverns and pastry shops participate. If you want to enjoy Kvarner scampi, wild asparagus or juicy Lovran cherries, be sure to visit Opatija in May and June, when the ''Gourmet Story'' takes place. Lovers of sweet snacks will be delighted by ''Sweet Gourmet Story'', which brings a wide variety of desserts from fresh ingredients.

James Joyce preferred to spend time in Opatija on the terrace of the Imperial Hotel, sipping coffee and enjoying local specialties. If we know that the writer of Ulysses and one of the most significant writers of modern times is known for his statement in which he claims to have had a good day because he "wrote a whole sentence", it is clear that he is a man committed to perfectionism and the pursuit of perfection. His satisfaction with the taste is the best confirmation of the quality of the gastronomy of this area, which rests on the combination of seafood of coastal places oriented to the tradition of fishing and the fruits of the fields of the "upper regions", which survived thanks to agriculture and cattle breeding and therefore preferred hearty dishes.

Fresh autochthonous ingredients such as wild asparagus, Kvarner scampi or truffles in the kitchens of the chefs of the Opatija Riviera have been transformed into real works of art, with delicate and exciting flavors that will never fade from the memories of guests.

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