Crikvenica - Vinodol Riviera

Find peace on crikvenica - Vinodol Riviera

Would you like an eventful holiday? One to see, hear, taste and feel? A holiday where you really immerse yourself in a destination, where can you hear its original pulse ticking? From the first meeting with the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera, you will be enchanted by the relaxing combination of the sea, lakes, valleys, forests and mountain peaks. An endless game of blue and green landscapes will accompany you at every turn. However, what will particularly inspire you is that this variety is at your fingertips! On the same day you can laze around on a sandy beach, take a walk in the forest or explore local history and go out into the city in the evening.

Favorable location in Kvarner, healthy climate and microclimate, clean air and sea, beauty of the scenery and fascinating cultural and historical heritage – this is how you can briefly describe this area whose tourist tradition goes back more than 140 years. Whichever location you choose, you will surely enjoy your stay. Charming coastal towns are part of the Riviera, which in the 19th century became famous for its health tourism and is still one of the leading tourist destinations in Croatia. Natural and well-tended pebble, sandy and rocky beaches, stretching several kilometers along the coast, offer rich possibilities of entertainment, sports and leisure for children and adults. There are also beaches for your four-legged friends: Podvorska beach in Crikvenica, the best dog beach in Croatia, and a dog beach in mala draga bay.

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