Gorski Kotar

Fresh mountain air awakens all your senses

The irresistible Croatian region of Gorski Kotar, just a 20-minute car ride from the sea, embodies the authentic untouched nature it was in its beginnings.

If you are looking for almost meditative peace, an active holiday, an unforgettable adventure or if you want to spend pleasant and chilly summer evenings, you are in the right place.

If you want to discover the rich cultural heritage and authentic natural landscape, Gorski Kotar will delight you. This territory is interwoven with a rich and diverse tradition and cultural values that are expressed in all the pores of the destination, from gastronomy to magnificent natural architecture.

Breathtaking views, enchanting canyons, mysterious rivers and lakes, spectacular mountains with views reaching to the Adriatic Sea, centuries-old forests, unexplored underworld and the monumental Risnjak National Park are just a small piece of this dazzling dream place. .

The richness of wild nature, magnificent plants, mysterious animals, birds, butterflies and wild beasts will captivate you. Enjoy enchanting colors, breathe fresh air, visit beautiful castles, stay in magical homes, enjoy unique and authentic cuisine inspired by nature itself and much more. You can explore Gorski Kotar on foot or by bike along more than 400 km of marked routes connecting natural beauties and cultural sights. Experience the irresistible dream world of Gorski Kotar and indulge in a safe embrace of nature.

To see and experience in Gorski Kotar:

  • the magical source of the Kupa River and its turquoise lake
  • Kamačnik Canyon where two beautiful rivers, Dobra and Kamačnik, create a magnificent harmony
  • Devil's Passage Canyon with green whirlpool spring and beautiful waterfall
  • Risnjak National Park with Butterfly Valley and beautiful mountain ranges from which the view reaches the Adriatic Sea
  • Lake Bajer or Lokve (Loque lake) where you can swim, ride by boat or simply enjoy a walk or relax
  • fascinating cave Vrelo and lokvarka cave with its beautiful underworld
  • White and Samar rocks, special nature reserves that nature especially enjoyed creating rocks of inimitable shapes
  • The village of Roswell that will beam you to the land of the Wild West in the days of cowboys and Indians
  • conquer one of the peaks of Gorski Kotar including Kavranova and Orlova stijena (rocks of Kavranova and Orlove), Preradović, Perić, Petehovac... enjoy the amazing view and take an unforgettable selfie
  • inspires the nutritious power of the ancient deep forests of golubnjak forest park or Japlensko vrh
  • visit Stara Sušica Castle, Croatian "Hogwarts" inspired by the famous Harry Potter film and become a wizard at the school of magic
  • have fun watching bears or enjoy birdwatching with our guide or feed young deer
  • a visitor centre dedicated to the great carnivores of Stara Sušica will tell you an unknown story about the majestic wild nature and fascinating wild beasts of Europe: bear, wolf and lynx
  • explore the enchanting castle of Zrinski in Brod na Kupi with the permanent exhibition "Wild Nature overlooking the sea" and the Interpretation Center "Paths of the Frankopans", a Croatian noble family
  • and much more...

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